Retrofit55 Decision Support System (DSS)


Overlaid Histogram

OPERATIONAL DATA ANALYSIS TO AID THE OPTIMIZATION OF RETROFIT SOLUTIONS WITHIN ‘RETROFIT55’ FRAMEWORK N. Themelis, School of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering (NTUA)G. Nikolaidis, SimFWDV. Zagkas, SimFWDN. Tsoulakos, Laskaridis Shipping Co. LtdCorresponding author:   Presented at the 17th Annual Conference of Marine Technology (ΕΛ.Ι.Ν.Τ.) – Nov 2023   ABSTRACTThe RETROFIT55 EU project aims to […]

Hydrodynamic Optimization of Ships

Bow optimization

HYDRODYNAMIC OPTIMIZATION OF SHIPS WITH RETROFITTED WASP SYSTEMS Hannes F. Renzsch, Friendship Systems AG, Germany Fabian Thies, Friendship Systems AG, Germany   Presented at Innov’Sails conference May 2023ABSTRACTWind assisted ship propulsion has the potential to be one of the mainstays of emission reduction of commercial shipping. As it is not feasible to simply replace the […]