Retrofit55 Decision Support System (DSS)

Meet the Partners #6 – Advanced Wing Systems, Ireland

Apart from the Passive Air Lubrication System (PALS), another technology that shall be investigated in detail during the course of the RETROFIT55 project is the Wind Assisted Ship Propulsion (WASP) system.
Advanced Wing Systems is one of two partners that shall be key contributors in this area.

Meet the Partners #6 – Advanced Wing Systems, Ireland

Advanced Wing Systems is a wing sail technology supplier with particular expertise in morphing, collapsible wing sails. Their technology has emerged from the yachting environment where it has been used at the pinnacle of competitive sailing – the America’s Cup, as well as in extended intercontinental voyages.

The unique ability to morph the shape of the wing sail can lead to significant benefits, particularly where vessel stability is a consideration. The ability to collapse the wing sail into a protective housing when not in use also provides significant operational advantages.

The overall objective of RETROFIT55 is to create a web-based catalogue of retrofitting solutions, up-to-date and ready to be deployed at the end of the project and easily extendable afterwards. Advanced Wing Systems will contribute to the RETROFIT55 project by building a prototype system which can be used to validate numerical modelling used in that web-based system. Furthermore, the prototype system will be used to validate operational procedures. A system specification has been developed and a HAZID study completed. Detailed design is now underway. The system will be in operation for an extended period to allow for data collection and validation.

Advanced Wing Systems will work with other consortium partners to complete numerical modelling, class approval in principle, and defining installation requirements.