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Meet the Partners #4 – Armada Technologies Limited, UK

The RETROFIT55 Consortium is proud to collaborate with Armada Technologies Limited Technologies on developing innovative green solutions for sustainable shipping.

Meet the Partners #4 – Armada Technologies Limited, UK

Armada Technologies Limited Technologies is pioneering the development of a Passive Air Lubrication System (PALS) that has the potential to significantly reduce fuel consumption and greenhouse gas emissions from ships. Unlike existing active air lubrication systems that require substantial energy to deliver air under the hull, PALS utilizes venturi nozzles to introduce air bubbles into the ship boundary layer with minimal power requirements. This innovative approach significantly improves the potential energy savings compared to current technologies.

PALS has been designed to overcome limitations of first-generation systems. Ongoing R&D focuses on optimizing the venturi nozzles and distribution outlets to achieve optimal bubble carpet coverage at different drafts and speeds. 

Key benefits of PALS:
• Leverages fluid dynamics to minimize the power needed for bubble production.
• Matches bubble output to different ship operating conditions.
• Distributes air/water mixture optimally into the ship’s boundary layer for maximum lubrication coverage. 
By reducing friction between the hull and water, PALS air lubrication can lower fuel consumption by 10%. This technology represents a real opportunity to meet industry goals of reducing shipping emissions by 55% by 2030.

The Armada Team is currently focused on the design and model fabrication of the PALS installations and the air/water delivery mechanism for the towing tank test.
In April 2024, model tests of the A2B Container ship and Japanese Bulk Carrier will take place at RETROFIT55 partner, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche (CNR), the largest public research institution in Italy.