Retrofit55 Decision Support System (DSS)

Meet the Partners #2 – Laskaridis Shipping Co. Ltd. , Greece

In order to demonstrate the advantages of new retrofit technologies, a case study will be carried out, during the RETROFIT55 project, on a KAMSARMAX class Bulk carrier from Laskaridis Shipping Co. Ltd. fleet.

Meet the Partners #2 – Laskaridis Shipping Co. Ltd. , Greece

Laskaridis Shipping Co. Ltd. manages and operates a large fleet of high-quality bulk carriers with respect to human life, the environment and property, and in a way that meets and exceeds the safety standards of the shipping industry. Their vessels are operated by competent and trained seafarers and by highly skilled and trained shore personnel. The company is running the business in a socially responsible way. To assist in this, there is a strategic approach to R&D investment, operational efficiency, and continued excellence. Studying the transitional and functional risks of moving to a low carbon economy is a core of their daily business.

Laskaridis Shipping Co. Ltd. is sharing its experience from a managing company’s perspective. They are also providing high-frequency data collected by an onboard system on a modern Kamsarmax vessel built in 2020, which has been selected as the pilot bulk carrier for the RETROFIT55 project.

The contribution of Laskaridis Shipping Co. Ltd. is of significant importance as it represents a real-world case of a bulk carrier, offering valuable insights to the research field. This data will play a crucial role in the theoretical implementation of new innovative technologies aimed at optimizing the vessel’s performance and advancing decarbonization efforts in the shipping industry aligning with the IMO strategy.