Retrofit55 Decision Support System (DSS)

Meet the Partners #13 – FRIENDSHIP SYSTEMS AG, Germany

With several years of experience in the field of flow-related shape optimization and with the help of their flagship software platform CAESES®, FRIENDSHIP SYSTEMS AG shall contribute to the RETROFIT55 Consortium with their expertise in this field and also assist with several other tasks in the project.

Meet the Partners #13 – FRIENDSHIP SYSTEMS AG, Germany

FRIENDSHIP SYSTEMS AG is a German software company that started as a spin-off from the Technical University Berlin in 2001. The core team is based in Potsdam, close to Berlin, Germany. Their passionate computer scientists, mathematicians and engineers develop the software system CAESES® and support their customers in creating high-performance products. CAESES® is made for simulation engineers, designers and anyone who is interested in intelligent surface modeling for automated shape optimization.

Within RETROFIT55FRIENDSHIP SYSTEMS AG, as a leader in parametric modelling and formal optimization, is responsible for the integration of models of the individual technologies into a holistic digital twin of the retrofitted vessel. To this end suitable technologies are selected from the catalogue via the web interface and the combination optimized using FRIENDSHIP SYSTEMS AG‘s CAESES platform.

Involved in every work package of RETROFIT55FRIENDSHIP SYSTEMS AG is supporting the other partners with geometrical modelling, CFD simulations and consulting in the generation of surrogate models to facilitate fast and accurate modelling of retrofitted technologies.