Retrofit55 Decision Support System (DSS)

Meet the Partners #12 – bound4blue, Spain

In the RETROFIT55 project, as our second partner contributing in the area of Wind Assisted Ship Propulsion (WASP), we are thrilled to introduce bound4blue, a pivotal partner in this endeavour.

Meet the Partners #12 – bound4blue, Spain

bound4blue are pioneers in automated wind-assisted propulsion systems, offering turnkey solutions for shipowners seeking to reduce fuel costs and emissions as a validated solution. Their eSAIL® system is fully autonomous, has low maintenance, and is easily installed on various vessels, making it the most cost-efficient wind propulsion technology today. Founded in 2014 with a clear focus on renewable energy in the maritime sector, bound4blue has already installed its eSAIL® system on three ships and secured agreements with industry leaders like Louis Dreyfus Company, Marubeni Corporation, Odfjell, and Louis Dreyfus Armateurs for fleet-wide installations.

Project Collaboration Goals: Optimize Retrofitting for Competitive WASP Technology

Working closely with bound4blue, the RETROFIT55 project aims to enhance the retrofitting process for existing vessels, boosting the competitiveness of WASP technology. The focus areas include:
1. Operation: Streamlining eSAILs installation processes, identifying and addressing bottlenecks, inefficiencies, risks, and critical activities to achieve cost and lead time reductions for shipowners.
2. Product Improvement: Developing expertise for installing bound4blue’s technology in potentially explosive environments, defining standardized solutions for vessel reinforcement before eSAIL system installation, all aimed towards reducing costs and lead times.