Retrofit55 Decision Support System (DSS)

Meet the Partners #11 – Grimaldi Group, Italy

Further to the first case study vessel which is a KAMSARMAX class Bulk Carrier, a second case study vessel shall be from Grimaldi Group.
This vessel shall be a Eurocargo Class Ro-Ro vessel. Being a different type of vessel, this shall provide the consortium a different perspective on the hydrodynamic and operational optimization aspects.
Meet the Partners #11 – Grimaldi Group, Italy
With experience dating back to 1947, the Grimaldi Group is a multinational company providing integrated sea-based logistics services, headquartered in Naples, Italy. Specifically, Grimaldi Euromed SpA, is one of the Group’s most important companies, that played a crucial role in the development of maritime vehicle transport and integrated logistics across Europe since the 90’s. Over the last two decades, it has also become a driving force behind the Motorways of the Sea and Short Sea Shipping concepts in the Mediterranean area and in Northern Europe.
The Grimaldi Group places a great focus on environmental protection issues and considers environmental sustainability to be a pillar of its corporate strategy. Specifically, the Group is focused on reducing greenhouse gas emissions and improving the energy efficiency of its fleet. In recent years, the Grimaldi Group has invested significantly in modernizing its fleet by introducing greener and more innovative ships equipped with advanced technologies aiming at reducing both harmful emissions and fuel consumption. The main targets that the Group intends to achieve by 2050 are Net Zero Emissions and positioning itself as an international leader for decarbonisation in shipping. In this respect, the Grimaldi Group has an orderbook for the construction of 22 new ultra-modern vessels, which represents about 20% of its current fleet, to be delivered over the next five years.
During the course of the RETROFIT55 project, the Grimaldi Group will provide input on the Air Lubrication system and Electrification and energy management of on board systems. It will share the know-how obtained thanks to the latest innovative ships operated, all equipped with the most innovative technology available on the market. As end user, the Group will provide feedback on new technologies that will be developed and comparisons between as is and to be.